Fine Mist Spray Bottle (8 oz)


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Using a misting bottle keeps your paint moving!

Dixie Belle paints are water based and water friendly.  Using a mist bottle will allow you to move your existing paint around.  This consistency means that instead of adding more paint to your project, you can work with less and let your piece dry seamlessly.

Using a mist bottle helps to reduce brush marks and gives a flatter finished look.



Achieve stunning ombre painted furniture with our Fine Mist Spray Bottle. As you blend colors, this handy tool helps move the ombre paint along, creating a seamless gradient effect. The fine mist allows for controlled application, ensuring your paint goes further while maintaining the desired consistency.

Elevate your artistic endeavors and unleash your creativity with this essential accessory. Let the Fine Mist Spray Bottle be your secret weapon in achieving flawless ombre masterpieces.

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