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Dixie Belle Sea Spray 6OZ
Dixie Belle Sea Spray 6oz can mixed with paint in order to make Chippy, Textured and Sun-Weathered feel and look, reminiscent of a day at the beach. This genuine paint additive will make you think of sun kissed seas, far reaching skies as far as your eyes can see with waves crashing, throwing a mist of Sea spray that relaxes your soul.

Dixie Belle Sea Spray is made from all natural, premium quality ingredients. Nevertheless, even though it is harmless, due to its powdery consistency, it will be best to use proper breathing and eye protectors when using this product from Dixie Belle Paint.

One bag of Sea Spray is enough for 2 quarts or 2-32 Ounces of paint. These Dixie Belle Accessories also come with measuring scoop.

How To Use:

Mix 2 Level Scoops of Sea Spray with 8 Ounces of Dixie Belle Chalk Mineral Paint. You may also add another half scoop to achieve a thicker, brownie batter-like consistency.
Dab and smoosh the mixture using a paintbrush to create crests and peaks like that of the ocean waves.
Once the mixture becomes tacky,you can start gently brushing down the crests and peaks, like calming the seas and creating texture. Though if you want a stormy seas texture, you may leave as is.
If you want more depth, add another paint color with or without Sea Spray after your first coating has completely dried.
You may also glaze using Dixie Belle Glazes for additional dimension.

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