Pack of Two Leaf & Berry Crossband Trims TR740.1 100×1.8cm


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Pack of Two Leaf & Berry Crossband Trims 100×1.8cm

Our pack of two moulding is a WoodUbend product features a leaf and berry design.

When cool, WoodUbend mouldings have all the properties of wood: they can be sanded; stained; sawed; distressed; painted; drilled; nailed; etc. However, with heat, the mouldings become pliable, flexible and malleable, allowing them to be stretched, shaped and applied to any surface, no matter how intricate the shape. When warm, WoodUbend mouldings are easy to cut and adhere to your projects.

You can use a heat gun, hair dryer or griddle to apply heat. It’s simple and fun! Heating means that the moulding will make an ultra-strong bond with the surface to which it is applied. It also means that if you re-heat it, you can remove and re-stick your moulding hours or even days after it has been applied. What could be easier?

All WoodUbend products are designed to add an individual touch to your creative project. The larger mouldings are great for larger projects, such as furniture upcycling. The smaller designs will be sure to enhance your crafting project with your own individual style.

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