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Our Glass Scraper is a must-have tool for the effortless removal of dirt, paint, adhesives, and more. Comes with three blades total — one already installed and two spares in a compartment conveniently hidden in the handle. Designed with safety and ergonomics top of mind, the Two Fussy Blokes Glass Scraper features a razor-sharp blade that easily rotates from the sharp edge to the safe edge, allowing you to clean glass with minimal effort whilst mitigating the risk of cuts or injury.

Every fussy painter needs a trusty paint scraper. But what do you do if you’re on a job and find you’re out of blades? That’s where our Razor-sharp SK2 replacement blades come in handy.

Glass is the best material for getting rid of unwanted paint. Effortlessly remove dirt, paint, and adhesives from any tough surface. Superior to steel scrapers, these blades are safe and ergonomically designed. They’re the tool you need if you want a smooth finish, without having to worry about marks and scratches left behind. The level of sharpness is up to 3 times more than metal blades and lasts longer.

We’ve got the paint roller accessories to get the job done properly. Whether you’re a professional painter or a beginner wanting to get the best start, you want only the best professional paint tools and products. We’ve all been there: you’re on-site and about to embark on that DIY project or renovation job and you realise you’re out of blades for your glass scraper; that’s where our paint scrapers come in and save the day. Made from High-Carbon steel, these scraper blades will help you get rid of leftover paint, tape and other bothersome bits, standing in the way of your smooth finish.

Effortless removal of dirt, paint, adhesives, and more.
Length: 100mm | 4″
Pack: Single Pack


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