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Dixie Belle Glaze Van Dyke Brown – 4oz
Dixie Belle Glaze Van Dyke Brown lets you create that worn, aged appearance with its warm, earth brown tone. These glazes are pretty easy to use. It can be applied on clean surfaces, Dixie Belle painted surfaces, and on Clear Coated surfaces. Nevertheless, it is highly recommended to use White Lightning to clean the surface before applying the Dixie Belle Glaze. White Lighting is another amasing product from Dixie Belle that you can use to de-grease and remove all debris from the surface of your furniture or project.

Dixie Belle Glaze is a luminous water-based color that helps you create unique faux finishes, at the same time, add depth and dimension to your project. Use it to make decorative finishes such as aging, burnishing, color washing, and stippling. These Glazes can be intermixed or layered, thereby allowing you to create your own unique colors. In addition to Van Dyke Brown Glaze, Dixie Belle Glazes come in different colors. These include:

Black Glaze
Copper Bronze Glaze
Gold Shimmer Glaze
Grunge Glaze
Hi Ho Silver Glaze
Pearlescent Glaze
Sapphire Pearl Glaze
White Wash Glaze
This wide range of Glaze colors will give you a multitude of possibilities when creating your masterpieces. So, let your imagination and creativity run wild!

How to Use:

Always make sure that the surface – whether Dixie Belle Painted or Clear Coated surface – is clean. Use White Lighting to clean the surface.
Make sure that the paint is completely dry.
Use a brush or a clean, lint-free cloth to apply the Glaze in small sections.
Wipe away excess Glaze using another cloth.
Add more coats if necessary.

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