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Dixie Belle Crackle 8Oz
Dixie Belle Crackle is a great way to add a gorgeous aged, weathered effect on any of your project. This product is very easy to use. It also allows you to control the crackle, which will usually depend on the thickness you painted the crackle on. Get that old, chippy, rustic look in a fun and easy way!

Dixie Belle Crackle is clear and has a thick consistency. This is also a cost-effective products, since a little goes a long way. In addition, these Dixie Belle Accessories will typically dry anywhere between 30 minutes to overnight. Please take note that this product from Dixie Belle Paint will not work on paints that have already dried.

How to Use:

Make sure to thoroughly clean your surface with Dixie Belle White Lightning, before applying one coat of paint, which will act as your base color. This will be the color of your cracks.
If you want natural wood, you may apply one coat of Clear Coat and leave your piece undisturbed to dry completely.
Before applying the Crackle, stir thoroughly.
Apply Crackle using a paintbrush. Take note that the thicker your application, the larger the cracks will be. To get the perfect cracks, you may test the product prior to application. For erratic and wide cracks, apply Crackle in a cross-hatch brush stroke.
Do note Back Brush as it will disturb the cracking process.
Leave the solution to dry for about 30 minutes to overnight.
Apply your topcoat. Any Dixie Belle Paint color will do. Cracks will start appearing as your paint dries.
Leave your piece undisturbed for 24 hours.

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