Dixie Belle Chalk Mineral Paint Mermaid Tail


Dixie Belle Mermaid Tail Mineral Paint is a result of blending an array of greens and aquatic blues, making it a truly unique colour that glows like that on a mermaids gorgeous shiny scales. This was formulated based on the legendary creatures of the sea and is a great colour for your walls or on a piece of furniture. It is a perfect match for glaze to achieve that perfect mermaid glow and is a highly requested shade.

Dixie Belle Chalk Mineral Paint has a great coverage and self-levelling. It can be used on a wide variety of surfaces including wood, ceramics, concrete, fabric, glass, leather, metal, mirrors, and plastic.

Take note that the longer the lid stays off, the thicker this paint will become. So, if you want a thinner look, you need to add a little amount of water and give it a quick stir.

8oz paint can cover 36.5 sq feet surface
16oz paint will be able to cover 75 sq feet.
If you are using a darker shade, a single coat will be enough. But, if you are painting with a lighter colour, you will need at least two coatings. Allow the paint to dry for about 30 minutes before applying the next coat.


  • Easy to use
  • Quick Drying
  • Creates a flat rich finish that is easily distressed on furniture or crafts.
  • Non-Toxic 
  • No VOC’s

8oz, 16oz

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