Pack of Two Pediments WUB1374 7.5x34cm


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Pack of Two Pediments 7.5x34cm

This WoodUbend moulding would make a great floral style addition to any craft or up-cycling project.

Our Pack of Two Pediments moulding is a WoodUbend product featuring a long and delicate design.

All WoodUbend flexible decorative mouldings are designed to add an individual touch to your creative project. The larger mouldings are great for larger projects, such as furniture upcycling. The smaller designs will be sure to enhance your crafting project with your own individual style. Our WoodUbend bendable decorative wood trims & appliques are made from premium-quality materials which give our decorative wood mouldings extra durability and flexibility.

All WoodUbend products are wonderfully compatible with Posh Chalk coatings and high-quality, reusable stencils to add colour, creativity and class to your projects. Also consider our range of hand-made brushes.

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